Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A small finish.. and random babblings...

Today feels like it should be monday! I want to thank Vonna I won for her blogaversary! Im excited. Rarely do I win anything! Im fairly new to this blog but seeing all the wonderful things people have created, Im in awe. I love to stitch, though I know im not yet quite as good as some of the people ive met on here, hopefully someday!! I had a quick finish last night Brittercup's christmas pup. I think he came out cute! the designs are so easy and so cute when they are finished. Im going to make him into an ornament. Im still working on my dragon freebie im just about through with goal is to get him done this weekend. Im working on a freebie from Sanman originals and a winter weathervane from Mill Hill...maybe someday ill "catch up" and finish all my started projects!!! Hope everyone has a lovely day!

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glenda said...

I absolutely love the brittercup designs. I will get one when I finish the project challenge :)

I happen to think that your stitching is as good as anyone's. Don't sell your talent short!