Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Just thoughts

I doubt that all of my sisters realize how much they mean to me. Yes, we have all had our issues and yes we all have our little quirks. I may not get to talk to them all that often or keep in touch like some of them do, but I love them. If I didn't have them growing up, my life would have been so boring. Jenny may be the closest to me as far as distance in miles but I think that out of all of my sisters Evelyn has been one of my best friends. YES there were times not too long ago we would have liked to string each other up and yes there will be more rocky times ahead im sure but my sisters mean everything to me. Its hard with them all spread out over the country (they married into the military) but I miss them every day. Our child hood was interesting to say the least. I just wanted to share a bit..heck I don't even think they know about this journal so im basically talking to myself. but i wanted to share. I love you all, Lisa, Evelyn, jenny, Jessica and Denice. and i miss you, mel

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