Monday, July 23, 2007

My weekend update

If i have to watch another episode of Suite Life or Ned's declassified, Hannah Montana or Drake and Josh..I do believe I will have to be fitted for a very tight white jacket :) Of all of them, I have to admit I actually like watching Hannah Montana..she is drake and josh..they give new meaning to the word stupid...Heather is moody, and guess what? she went on her first "date"..if you could call it that. Her friend Wesley's mom called me and asked if she could take Heather with them to dinner and a movie. she was so nervous. ohhh boy did the red-headed temper show up though, when david started picking on her. ahhhh Young "love"... He is her best friend, she is like I was at her age, I had more friends that were boys than friends that were girls. I finished another UFO that i had started about 3 years ago..God Bless America, It is a Mill HIll button and beaded kit. I made a couple changes that didnt look quite right..(it was supposed to have two leaves and a heart on it.) I didnt like them so i didnt add them. The beading took forever! all afternoon saturday and most of the day is in my webshots album under 2007 finishes. I cleaned up some on sunday, david did laundry. I took the kids to the flea market on Saturday and that is pretty much it. I was given a Werlitzer Piano from my boss. there are two keys that are wonky but kyle loves it. whodu thunk it. a piano. hes been pounding on it since friday night when they brought it to the house. Its an antique but for the kids learning to play its perfect...and you cant beat the price!! free is always good!!!


glenda said...

You crack me up, Mel! When I was a young girl (10 or 11) my mom was a hairdresser and did the hair of some local Oregon author (not famous). She signed a book of short stories for me and i remember a story about a teen girl that was sweet, but then turned impossible when boys came into the picture. So, think positively - she'll be much better in a few years LOL!!!

~Velda said...

I LOVE Hannah Montana, of course I knew her in real life when she was little. I'm a huge Billy Ray Cyrus fan and I first met Miley (her real name is Destiny Hope) in Nashville when she was 2....she's still so cute! Of course I love watching Billy Ray all the time too :)