Monday, June 11, 2007

My finish!

Friday Night i finished my very first biscornu..(sp) I think it came out ok for my very first try....

Saturday i got up at 5am, went to moms so she could go to her shop(was waiting for jen to pick up her kids) made them breakfast and cleaned up moms house a bit. David and i and the kids went to Magnolia springs park for heather's softball picnic. Heather got a nice trophy and we went tubing down the river. I took two of the other girls home and one decided she wanted to spend the night so Paige came home with us. I got home and ended up crashing from 5pm until 8am sunday morning..guess i was tired!!!Sunday I took the kids back to the river and we tubed down it once again..

Im tired!! I also opened my mailbox on saturday and the RAK fairy had found me! My very first RAK!! I was was a weekend of firsts!


Meari said...

Aren't RAK's fun? I'm always so surprised whenever someone thinks of me. Congrats on your biscornu finish. I'll be doing my first one in a couple of weeks at a retreat. Can't wait!

Mel said...

That was my very first one ever. i had never had someone just send me something for the fun of it.