Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Another finish and"just stuff"

I finished my first needle book..of course it isnt the best example..one of those..lets see if i can figure it out kind of things...(Ive got another piece that Im going to use in Meari's class) so i can "learn" the right way to do one!!!*sigh* Im just sooo impatient! if i see something I like, I study a picture and see if i can do it myself...sometimes it works..sometimes well, not so good!! Here is the front of it:

Here is what the inside looks like:

For what its purpose is..I imagine it will work fine! Oh yeh!! I love teapots and I collect them..my dad surprises me every once in a while..he won this at an auction for me:

Isnt it pretty?!! Today is my baby's birthday. He is 9 years old today. so hard to believe. I just can't get over how fast they grow. sometimes I wish I could have kept him a baby!;)

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Meari said...

Good job on your first needlebook. That teapot is really nice. Happy Bday to your baby!!