Sunday, November 30, 2014 I'm really bad bout posting

But hey! I made two whole entries this year! Whoot! Its been a pretty rough year. I had ankle surgery done on my left ankle lost my job because of not being able to stay on my feet for hours on end. Lost a cousin an uncle and an aunt, been a rough one. David was in a car accident in oct, totaled the old car broke his ankle but he survived. Lucky man too. The car was bad bad. Visited w sisters this summer. Heather graduated. Heather turned 18 kyle tured 16. Got his drivers license and glasses. Bit of everything. I have learned how to crochet and how to quilt! Made many crafts and need to get them loaded;) as per the norm I say ill do better every year...,;)
Hugs to yall who read!!!

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