Saturday, February 19, 2011

damn crackheads! lol,,, i gave my neighbor permission to scrap as much metal from my burned out house as he can..heck he is sharing the profits with me and he can really use the money. and its not like im not gonna hafta get the house bulldozed anyway..why not help someone out. well he was at the house and some greasy crackhead woman stopped and said she gave us two hundred dollars for all the when he picked up his phone to call me she hauled booty...soooo needless to say mel had to go post no trespassing signs today so some stupid crackhead wont try and go in the house have the roof fall on their head and then try to sue me for them getting hurt...this way its posted dummy you try and go in the house..its on you! i swear..there is always that somebody out to make some money off of someone elses pain and loss. all i can say is karma is a bitch...and you mess with melanie..she can be one too... on a more pleasant note..things are goin ok. mindy's leg is healing up. shes still limping a little but is doing better. kyle learned how to operate a back hoe today and was so excited because he won a cd from the local radio station lol..i guess its the little things..i need to send a shout out to the wonderful people at scraphappy in pensacola florida. my friend heidi is a regular there and the people there gave me a brandy new scrapbooking tote...filled with cross stitch goodies!! i was so excited..thank you..

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