Wednesday, November 4, 2009

finally...another update.

I posted the links to my little sis's blog..she is doing a couple of giveaways..go check them out. last week was busy. Homecoming week= run run run. went trick or treating with jen on saturday...Emily and Heather are nuts..they went as nerds..rotten kiddos.

kyle went as an injured jock...heres a pic of him and heather

We went to a fall festival and i subjected Heather and kyle to pictures with the pensacola pelican's mascot..they love me....

I have stitched a couple halloween finishes..of course they are my dear friend Sandy's designs at Sanman originals..she is a wonderfully gifted lady and I am truly lucky to have her as a friend.

The first is a little wicked witch hanging tuck that sandy made.

sanman wicked witch

And the second is a hanging tuck called Happy Hoots!! it is such a cute design.

sanman Happy Hoots

More pictures to come from the Kid's Halloween party! they had a blast.

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Nanbon44 said...

What Beautiful Grand Daughters we have. hehehe