Sunday, January 4, 2009

I finished 3 more small finishes, all of them are Sanman originals. I still feel kinda crappy but feel a bit better. took some cough syrup and it seems to be working for me. Im tired of feeling crappy! The kids go back to school on Tuesday, they are looking forward to it. Heather starts softball season soon so i need to call and get her a physical appointment. oh the joys...nothing like eating, and breathing softball...Kyle loves everything he got for christmas. he has been working dilligently on his doodle art poster and has started working on his sequin poster kit. the kid is really artistic. he and heather have "designed" race cars with his race car design set. Heather, go figure has been getting the most use out of a 3 dollar Mancala game i got her at the last minute. they have been actually playing together...nicely...kyle has got his room all "displayed" with his tech decks, mighty beans and his signed baseball and babe ruth collector doll..hes so funny..he arranges, rearranges and arranges again! They have both said that this has been the best christmas yet. Heather liked the fact that nana and grandpa let her pick what she wanted out but she liked her "surprises" too. she got a porcelain doll and she is in the living room with my collection so everyone can see her. and she can probably sing every song on her twilight cd! shes kinda funny. the strangest things make my children happy...but im not complaining..if all it takes is shoes and baseball good to go!!! I love you all...mel

sanman easter eggs
sanman hide and seek
sanman melon

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