Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy Tuesday....lazy tuesday!!

I didnt have to work today...so i did absolutely nothing today! i didnt even get out of my jammies! i stitched two more things today and watched unsolved mysteries all day. i did make chili for dinner though, so it wasnt a completly lazy day! Im getting ready to go to bed though. tomorrow is "beauty shop" day at the nursing home. I hate beauty shop day. its hard work lifting those ladies in and out of chairs. i have to work this weekend as well. I did do alot of thinking today though. Last year was all around crappy and depressing and well, horrible. I pray this year will be better. I miss my grandma and my sister on a daily basis..things happen and ev would normally be the one i would call...its hard not having her to call and talk too, even though we bickered and she had a lot of secrets that have come to light after her death..i love her. I miss her. a piece of my heart went with her. But i have to go on. and ill miss her forever...My OTHER source of heartache this past year has been the MONEY PITT we live in ...one good thing...everything big broke last year so only minor things can go this year!!!!:) KNOCK ON WOOD!!! here are my two finishes for today...I love you all...im posting tuesdays..on wednesday..my computer booted me last night!!!!

sanman winter joy
sanman Brrr

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Nancy said...

Really like the Winter joy one, although I am not enjoying winter right now. We just got 12" over 2 days!