Saturday, November 15, 2008

Its been a pretty good week..

I finally got the computer where it would let me put my other finish it is Sanman originals Autumn splendor, i of course used T's threads..

SMO Autumn Splendor

I actually received my License today!! yay me..not that i wanted the damn thing in the first place but hey, i figure all the crap i went through to get the stupid thing legal and have papers to prove it!! I actually will have a paycheck with overtime on it..yeh.only 1 hour but still..its a feat! 81 hours and ill actually have a decent paycheck. Heather went and spent the weekend with mama this weekend, she wanted away from mom time i guess, yeh, im a horrible mom..wont let her spend forever on Myspace and actually make the princess study..yeh i need to be beat! On an even cooler note, One of my friends from High School found me this week. One of my first loves..ahhh youth. Ive been looking for him for a while now and a mutual friend of ours found him. If you actually read this...Hi Spence...Im glad you found me...:) He has really awesome artwork..anyone want to check him out his etsy shop is madmaxxdesigns..hes really great. wish i had just a fingertip full of his skills!! tomorrow is my last night working in the laundry at work..hey, im not too proud to fold not about to turn down ANY hours..Kyle is in the living room with his buddy james..cute kid. first time he has stayed here. my other "weekend child" went home this afternoon..hunting with dad. heck, i told dad to come set up in my back field..he can fill my freezer in one evening..i came home the other night and there were 5 deer in the back field and with the "cold" snap coming in they will be moving about..I actually had fun at work on thursday.."arts and crafts day" 10 hour day.. we made centerpieces for the tables that look like little should have seen me..(and 10 of my residents) putting them together..they had fun and some of the things they gosh! a few days back i wrote about my darling who says i have a big well, posterior...hehe..this week she was actually complementary..i came in on tuesday and yeh, im a hugger..was hugging everyone good morning..she proceeded to pat me on the butt and said..."gee are those push ups and sit ups working or what?" "I do believe your Ass is shrinking"...i about fell down laughing..I really do love my job sometimes..gotta love honesty!! Well, im not going to press my luck with this wonderful piece of machinery that i call a computer so im gonna finish for you all...mel

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Tonya said...

Ahhh there are you are!! Glad to see you had a good week! I am up here FREEZING :P!!! What are you stitching?? Well I better get to bed but I saw you updated so I thought I would drop by. Talk to you soon??

big hugs