Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Contrary to popular belief....

I DID NOT fall off the face of the earth!!! I have been busy. life has just well, for a lack of a better way of saying it...gotten in the way!!I have decorated the house for christmas. I took the week of thanksgiving off and my darling, wonderful loving sister jenny took Heather for 3 days of that blissfull week!! i love you jen!!! I did 30 more stockings and sent them overseas to ANOTHER squadron..(IF i NEVER sew another stocking...i will not cry!!!) so mom and i have sewn a total of 76 christmas stockings!!! plus i got two orders to sew some for the girls here at work so thats 6 more...(but i charged for these!!) My dog (that i had no clue was even pregnant) had puppies on the 20th. they are (im assuming) husky (mindy is husky) and what I imagine is the chocolate lab that lives behind us. They are very fat and very cute and are already spoken for!!! yay!!! Ive been busy stitching and have updated both of my albums. (click on the link to the left for my webshots....) the stitching ive done are in my 2007 finishes album and my sanman originals album..(there are lots there) sad to say, ive become an addict!!! I am not participating vocally in my groups too much..i just dont have a lot of time during the day and its hectic.. I did participate in an advent exchange and a santa exchange and when i open all of my wonderful presents..ill post a bunch of pictures!!!I hope my partners enjoy the gifts i got them!! I have a lot of "finishing" to do...most of my family are getting handmade gifts this year. I got a new car!!!! well, a newer car...I traded my 2003 Kia Rio in for a 2006 kia is soooo pretty!! when i get the time, ill post tons of pictures of all the things i want!! I hope everyone is doing well and has a great christmas/holiday season!!

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Moon Lyric said...

So glad to hear you're still around! LOL I was beginning to worry. Let me know what you think of your Santa exchange when you open it, OK?? I will post in the group when I open mine.