Monday, October 29, 2007

Its been a while...

Been busy around here!! Friday was Homecoming so of course the kids were released from school early. I went and picked them up and brought them back to work with me. (i couldnt take the rest of the day off because I had a medical records consultant here) I got an excellent evaluation by the way!!!! Kyle worked in activities helping with the halloween party (at work) he got a certificate of volunteer hours for his Awanis project. went home. picked up Aaron and paige and David took them to the football game. I baked...Saturday I took Heather kyle and aaron to William Station Day in Atmore. Mom had a booth there. She did very well. and nearly depleted her inventory!! I left Atmore, went to the grocery store, went by and picked up Elijah and Tianna. and went home to finish getting ready for the Halloween party. I baked a cake that looks like an eyeball. and made some really good punch that looked reallllly gross..(ill post pictures later) We ended up have a good turn out. I think we ended up with 13 kids showing up. Elijah, Aaron and Tianna spent the night and i took them home sunday morning...then i went back to bed :) I was tired!! didnt do much of anything on sunday. Hope everyone had a good weekend.

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