Thursday, September 6, 2007

why I oughta.....:)

That is what I heard my son say to my daughter last night.. where in the world he got it Ill never know. Well I havent "UPdated" like i should but here is what has been happening my little piece of redneck utopia. We had a flood. I came home last wednesday to the sound of water rushing down the stairs on the back porch..Of course It is never a good thing when you get out of the car and the outside stray kitty is laying on the ground and looks very only took me a couple of seconds to realize the water was running OUT of the back door. I opened the door to 3 inches of water. yay. oh what fun..You never realize how much crap your children own until you see beads and half naked GI joes FLOATING out of the bedroom doors. yep. floating my computer at home was in 3 inches of water. I lost most of my over dyed thread weeks, six strand sweets, and my needle necessities. Kyle was traumatized--he lost a big hunk of his baseball card collection as well as his collection of goosebump and captain underpants books..the cards and the captain underpants books is what he was really upset about. Heather? well lets just say her "collection" of shoes was in 3 inches of water. along with the spongebob monopoly game and the simpsons clue games...NOT to mention the gamecube was sitting in the water as well..and as with the insurance it has been "oh...just hold your breath and wait" turning blue here people!!! I am part of a few groups for cross stitching and when i got home on tuesday I found a package. Lisa from ND had very kindly sent a package with some week's and some needle necessities to start my re-build of my stash.. She also sent along some packages of baseball cards for kyle. Lisa, I don't know if you read this or not but I wanted to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You made a little boy's week and mine as well. thank you. Kyle doesnt do well with traumatic events and you have taken the edge off his anxiety with your gift. I have sat for the past two evenings listening to oooohs and ahhhs about the "rookies" and "dad is this guy any good?" I think david has answered him about 20 times but it doesnt bother him. Ive yet to find out what exactly insurance is going to actually cover as far as our personal belongings. the adjuster has been out of town and well, if youve ever dealt with know how that goes.. The kids are sleeping on bunkbeds in the corner of the living room and our house looks like a construction zone. they have removed the giant blowers from the back of the house and have started redoing the floors as of yesterday. Im lucky that the rest and majority of my other craft stash was in the front closet and not in my sewing/computer room. so i didnt suffer too much loss as far as my stash..just my special stuff! I have tried to keep stitching and be busy to keep myself from breaking down and crying. I have finished some things..(my last entry was a nice long blog..but somehow got deleted so it is basically pictures of the things i managed to finish last weekend. My grandma is in the hospital, she had a heart attack yesterday but she is herself..telling the doctors to hurry up with the (excuse my words) damn test so she could eat..yep grandma is gonna be fine. My mom, on the other hand i think is close to a nervous breakdown. poor mom. I told her id help her do whatever, she just needs to call me this weekend. sooo Ive babbled and whined and hey .....WAKE UP!!! I see you sleeping!!
So ill go for now and hopefully be back to normal (whatever in the world THAT may be) very soon.!!


HEWY said...

Yikes, what a horrible experience!

Meari said...

LOL, my guess is that the "Why I oughta..." comment came from one of the comedy shows that was on in the 50's. Maybe the Honeymooners? I can't remember which one for sure.

Hopefully, you've got a good handle on the mess by now.

Glad to hear your grandma is doing better. Heart attacks... yuck... members of my family are known for them. It was scary the first few times, but after i've been through 5 or so (various members) and they bounce back -- stubborn old coots! (LoL) I don't get so excited anymore.

glenda said...

It sounds to me like you are holding up far better than I ever could!! It is so difficult to try and 'act' normal when your whole life is nuts! Take care, and I am hoping the ins company gets its butt in gear!!

Cyndi said...

I have a bunch of baseball cards I can send Kyle! Let me know if you want them and I can get them in the mail. Email me through my office -