Friday, August 31, 2007

I tagged myself for jen...

ACCENT - I "guess" its southern..I just cant hear it..
PETS - Two dogs, Mindy and willow, inside kitty tigger and two outside kitties additionally i have 5 chickens.
ESSENTIAL ELECTRONICS - computer,(which has now got 3 inches of water in it) camera when I have it,
PERFUME - not really
GOLD or SILVER - gold if I have to choose
INSOMNIA - all the time
JOB TITLE - Medical records administrator (sounds important huh?)
MOST ADMIRED TRAIT - Im creative. I like to keep the kids busy doing arts and crafts.
KIDS - Heather 11 and kyle 9 (two stepdaughters)
PHOBIA - bugs.
RELIGION - finding my way so to speak
SIBLINGS - 5 sisters got a lot of SIL 's and BIL 's as well
TIME I WAKE UP - seems like every time i get to sleep real good!!
UNUSUAL TALENT/SKILL - I can tie a knot in a cherry stem with my tongue
VEGETABLE - love them all (though not really keen on brussel sprouts)
WORST HABIT - worrying over things I have no control over
X-RAYS - both ankles,my knees, my chest, my wrist... no brokens just sprains (gee jenny we sound like twins)
MY FAVORITE MEAL - anything david decides to cook (as long as i dont have to do it!!!

who to tag??? hmm..never done this sooo Glenda, Anita and Cyndi..

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glenda said...

ok, i am duly tagged LOL!! I will figure out some answers this weekend......