Thursday, July 5, 2007

Another finish and OH I have AWESOME friends!!!

I got home on tuesday and found a box. sitting ever so patiently on the front porch. Everyone...Tania is the best!!!! She sent me a box of salt and vinegar crisps and FRUIT PASTILLES!!! I was in heaven...(so was kyle) I had to hide the sweets from him..he said he understands why i love them, and calmly walked away with a roll of them in his hand..little turd!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! I have a box ready to post to her soon..I keep finding bits and bobs and things so Tania, you will have a nice surprise headed your way tomorrow morning!! I finished another freebie from Kristina-one that she had on her blog. I used WDW-Latte and williamsburg blue, DMC and for the cup and the border-I used two of my own hand dyed. it came out cute and I finished it last night(started about noon)

go figure. I got pictures of the rabbit and my weenie dog willow chasing each other--they played tag for about an hour. it was cute.
I pretty much didnt do much yesterday, just watched Law and Order and stitched. David cooked on the grill and made cookies for the kids. Kyle and Alexis loved doing the sparklers..shoot we probably could have gotten away with just them!!!!


Meari said...

It's always nice to get good mail packages, isn't it? :) That's a cute pic of the bunny and dog -- I bet it was hilarious watching a dog and rabbit chase each other!

Mel said...

Oh yes! it was hilarious. Willow (my dog) would bop the bunny with her nose and run, the bunny started chasing her!

glenda said...

Sounds like a wonderful package! Your finish is very cute, nice job.
Love the dog and bunny.