Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Just random babbling

This morning, my son surprised the heck out of me. Kyle very seldom leaves our sides. he is a homebody. My mom is getting 3 of my nieces and my nephew for a few days and surprise of surprises...kyle wants to go stay at nanas so he can hang out with Jack...shocker. I have to drop my kids off in the morning so that my mom can tote them to the YMCA for daycamp...was going to try and talk jen into letting me pay her to watch them so they could play with thier cousins, but she has her hands full! Friday is my anniversary, 12 blissfull (HAHA) years of marriage.. hey everyone has their problems. Heather and Kyle got their report cards on Friday..Kyle had straight A's and Heather had all A's except for a B..Heather has been picked to participate in the ALL Star team for softball. great..more money! She enjoys playing and is very good at it so im not going to complain. keeps her out of trouble. Kyle is having his first experience with Vacation Bible school this week.. He said he likes it. Heather loves going.. well it is almost 3pm , I have to get gas in the car and go pick up the kids before going home...

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